Manager's Upskilling Sprint

For managers at any level — anyone with direct reports.

A Manager’s Upskilling Sprint — A fast-paced program for improving the state of management in your company in Q4 and beyond — Get the most your team has to offer so they’re proud, while simultaneously building strong relationships that keep your best talent engaged and on the job.

How important is excellent management? Ask yourself how well you’ve performed for the best managers you’ve had in your career as compared to how you performed for (and stayed working for) the worst of them.

Check out this article in Chief Learning Officer Magazine on the ROI from manager training.

Can you afford to send your managers to learn a proven system of management that drives performance and builds excellent relationships?

You can’t afford not to.

Our 2022 Q4 cohort beginning September 27th  is already HALF-FULL!

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Testimonial from Mike Davenport

8 Weeks || 15 total hours of LIVE Leadership & Management Labs || 1 cohort of peers || 12 participants max — capped for maximum impact ||1 online community for participants in this and all other cohorts, for sharing insights, challenges, support, and networking || 6 management topics with tactical guidance and practical tools

  • effective feedback
  • magical 1:1s
  • leveraging delegation
  • close management vs micromanagement
  • managing up
  • inspiring accountability


As always, our promise to you… No ineffective, boring, powerpoint-lecturing yak-yak.

This is participant driven, engaging, live and alive experiential learning!

Drive performance and build trust with a proven, science-backed, and systematic management framework.

This sprint is only for managers who wish to lead with impeccability and with heart.

Got anyone in mind who would benefit?

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