Performance, innovation, customer experience – your business success and quality of life – all are destined by company culture. It’s time to take control of the hidden forces shaping your destiny.

Company Culture Engineering is the process you’ll use to take hold of the interdependent forces shaping the behaviors of everyone in your company’s sphere. Your customers, your vendors, and of course your team do and say the things they do — the way they do — because… Culture.


  • Create the environment where people and profits rise
  • Upgrade the mindset – the mental operating principles – that shape behavior
  • Gain skills for world-class teaming
  • Love work… Everyone, love work
We’ll help you engineer a stronger company culture that’s great for people, great for performance, and great for profits – not by striking a balance between compassion and purpose, but by finding that the two are fully compatible.

Have you grappled with finding the balance between caring for your team with empathy on the one hand, and pushing for greatness and performance on the other?

Well, grapple no more. We’ll help you and your team discover that working together with heart and compassion is fully compatible with legendary performance.

Do you suspect that more is possible, but you’ve hit a culture and performance threshold?

We’ll help you see the invisible barrier you’ve encountered… And dismantle it.

You culture — and therefore your whole company and it’s future — is profoundly influenced by subtle, hidden forces just like the ecosystem of a coral reef is.

We help leaders like you tend the garden (if you’ll pardon the mixed metaphor) so it’s a joyful place to be, and so crop-yields exceed expectations.

Our Services

Our approach to culture crafting is more holistic than any management
consulting firms we’re aware of. So this is powerful stuff. That’s why we had
to create a new name for what we do… Company Culture Engineering.

Our company culture engineering services fall into 3 phases.
Clients come to us for support in any or all of three areas.

Prepare The Soil

An orchid won’t grow in the desert. Environment affects people too.

Structural Culture Assessment

A discovery phase to make even Marco Polo jealous: A comprehensive investigation of the structures in your company and their effects on morale, behavior, and performance.

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Mission, Vision, Values, Action Portal

A Culture Touchstone Lab: Three facilitated sessions to help you craft the foundational statements that inspire. Create your future..

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Plant The Seeds

8 fundamental principles (cultural norms) of effective communication and world-class teaming. Everything grows from here.

Team Building That Lasts

1,2, or 3 One-Legendary-Team Labs – Half-day each. Beloved and valued even by people who think, “Team building sucks.”

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Communication & Collaboration Training

A modular program of learning labs – built to suit. Communication between humans is hard – with all their emotions and psychology and not knowing what you’re thinking and stuff. Let’s make it easier (and better).

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Water The Garden

Your culture, your people, your performance… They need tending.

Innovation & Problem Solving Labs

1 or 2 half-day Sessions to install innovation culture | Facilitated Innovation/Problem-Solving Labs to get you over a hurdle and on your way. Innovate like it’s breathing.

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Leadership Development & Performance Management Training

Tailored and Modular Learning Labs, Built to Suit & Manager’s Upskilling Sprint – Live Online 8 Week Program. Drive performance with heart and with compassion.

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Soft Skills Training

Modular Learning Labs – 2 hours each. Ain’t nothing soft about soft skills. This crap is hard. Make it easier!


“We had a great culture because we hired very well. And that’s not a sustainable or scalable model for keeping a great culture as we double and triple in size over the next few years…

Your work with us is part of the fabric of this company. Thank you.”

“You were right. That was the way to go. You won everybody over.”


“The skills and practice of the skills have dramatically changed our work culture and environment.”



Your company culture defines your future. Don’t leave it to chance.

What happens when you don’t engineer your culture? We think of culture as the contagious attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors at play in a community (and your company is a community). And the truth is… All attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors are contagious. The question is, which ones will have the greatest contagion? Which will take root, and which will wither and die? Will you choose your model of culture deliberately, or will you get one by default.

It’s never too late to decide to engineer it.


When you engineer your culture – creating the proper environment, plant the most fruitful seeds, and take care to nurture the future (and present) that you want – then the business and team you dream of become your destiny.
A tremendous and legendary team. Tremendous and legendary innovations. Tremendous and legendary performance. Tremendous and legendary profits. 

Tremendous and legendary lives.

Company Culture Engineering FAQ

We work a little like doctors here at The Yes Works. Can’t say what we’d recommend until we take a history, do a health exam.

Just like your doctor, we’ll tell you about all we’re seeing – the good, the bad, and the ugly, and we’ll make some recommendations.

You’ll make some decisions about how you want to proceed… A little at a time, or whole-hog. And just like a doctor, we’ll be here to support your decisions and help you where you’ve asked us to.

And like any good gardener, if we can tell that the soil won’t support life, we’ll suggest we don’t plant any seeds until first tending to the soil. We’re here to advise, support, train, and nurture.

Easy now. Love your enthusiasm.

Before we get to gardening, the first step is to talk about what your goals are… About where you are now… And especially what you’re seeing in and around your team that you don’t fully understand.

Let’s get a lay of the land together, and then plot out a course.

Ask for a call back today!

How much does health care cost? Everyone’s favorite answer… It depends.

What’s your current state of health? What are your health goals? How fast do you want to get there? How much are you willing to invest in the future you dream of?

You’ll find lower priced services out there. We know that. And you can probably spend more as well.

We’re not for everyone any more than everyone decides to hire the best gardener they can find. 

Your money and time are precious, and we consider we have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients. We insist that before we work together, we agree there’s a clear path for you to profit from your investment.

We work with people-first leaders. 

If you’re a leader who thinks in terms of top-down leadership… If you subscribe to Jack Welch’s “rank-and-yank” management philosophy… If you pursue profits at all costs, whomever you have to step on to get them… Then you’re not going to like our assessments of your culture. You’re not going to like our guidance. You’re not going to like our approach. And we’re going to create more heat than light working together.

If you want the best for your people… If you know (or even suspect) that nurturing them nurtures your future and nurtures your profits… And if you don’t have a comprehensive, integrated system for promoting, maintaining, and constantly improving your culture-health… Then we can’t wait to meet you.I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Request a call back.

Wow. Big question. And the list keeps growing.

There’s a lot of research that’s gone into our model… Our culture operating system.

As client and CEO of a mental health organization said, “Not only does The YES Works use proven methods and science, they also use common sense and cut through the nonsense to get to the point of truly helping build cohesive and collaborative teams!”

We draw from organizational psychology, neuroscience, ancient wisdom, the incredible research data from Google’s Project Aristotle, and the astonishing magic of theater improvisation.

Critically… Critically… Teamification is a framework. At the end of the day, the culture model you’ll have when we’re through will be uniquely yours. No two models of culture are alike, just as no two teams are alike.

Not only will you shape and craft your own culture with us by your side… You’ll keep shaping, crafting, molding your culture as you grow and change throughout the long, prosperous life of your company.




Take our 8-minute culture assessment and see how you’re doing.