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MGW #18 – Culture for Recruiting

Today’s show is about a powerful multi-tool. It slices. It dices. It motivates performance and leads to retention of customers and employees alike.

And? It’s a recruiting juggernaut.


Today, we’re talking Company Culture as a major recruiting unfair advantage.


We’ve got a companion blog post you can read. For those of you who don’t have time for well thought out articles, here’s your Mighty Good Work Checklist:



  • Play the long game. It takes time and deliberate action to build a lasting culture to your design specs. It’s an investment, and it pays dividends.
  • Start Now. Don’t put off starting the long process to shape the culture you want to work in and that others want to work in. It’s not true that every day you wait to start is another day until you have the results you want. Every day you wait, the culture you’ve got (which is imperfect no matter how good it is) gets stronger.
  • Focus on your people and make work work for them. Your best recruiters are the people who work for you. Want more people like them? Make sure they’re fulfilled by their work and would be proud to bring their friends into the fold.
  • Broaden your KPI focus for yourself as a leader. You’re responsible for results, yes. You’re also responsible for the relationships with the people who attain those results for you. Their experience is a leading indicator of your long term and ongoing results.
  • Ask your people to recruit NOW. Dig your well before you’re thirsty. Build your bench before you need people. Ask your people to help you grow your network of people you’d like to work with in the future. Have an ace up your sleeve. (Mix as many metaphors as you can.)
  • Only hire a sure-fire fit. Don’t hire to fill a seat. You can struggle on understaffed far better than you can carry dead weight. Hire for culture fit (diverse culture fit) and skill, both. If you hire someone who undermines the culture you’re working to build, everything, everything gets harder.



In this episode, I referenced a few companies who are killing it in this department and past podcast episodes where they share the secrets in their culture sauce. Here they are for your reference.





Your host on Mighty Good Work is Aaron Schmookler.


And, we’re The Yes Works — Helping to make work good for people, and make people good for work.


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