How can you increase ADEPTABILITY on your team?

Step 1

Schedule a consultation

  • Click here to schedule <——
  • Discuss your goals for your team
  • Learn about how Adeptability can help you get there
  • We’ll send you a few tailored options based on your goals
Step 2

Make your choice

  • Review the tailored options we send your way
  • Assess the fit for you, the value, and your level of commitment
  • Select a package (examples) to move you and your team toward your objectives
Step 3

Enjoy your training

  • Set training schedule
  • Gather your team for interactive Adeptability Training
  • Have fun and move the needle at the same time

Always experiential because you insist -- and we do too... No ineffective, boring, powerpoint lecturing yak-yak.

The Yes Works' options.  Tailored to your needs.


Interactive Keynotes and Presentations.

Choose a topic for a highly interactive presentation-workshop. We promise: No ineffective, boring, powerpoint-lecturing yak-yak. Content areas to choose from include:

Intensive Adeptability Workshops

Lasting from 1/2 day to 3 days or more (choose your level of transformation).

Most of out multi-day clients choose to spread out the training days over weeks or months.

The Yes Works in Residence

We serve a limited number of clients on an ongoing — in residence — basis:

As Adeptability Company Culture fitness trainers, we run regular exercises, training sessions, help to onboard new employees and cement the cohesion of new teams, support an engaged workforce, and keep sales teams eager and collaborative.

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