Step 1

Schedule a conversation

We’ll talk about where you and your team are at, your goals for where you’re headed, and whether Adeptability Training and/or consultation can support your getting there.

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Step 2

Map out a plan

Together we’ll review our offerings and their fit for your situation, and we’ll map out a plan to support your goals for your team.

Your plan may include Adeptability Training for your team, individual leadership coaching, and/or a Culture Climate audit. 

We’ll get you the training and support for world-class collaboration that you’re looking for to increase profits, attract top talent, and find fulfillment working together as a team.

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Step 3

Get Adeptable!

We’ll execute your plan together… Train your team, coach your leaders, and/or review the contributing factors to your culture.

Our clients tell us that you’ll enjoy results of Adeptability culture and Adeptable leadership immediately.  

Less wasted effort. More enjoyable and productive meetings. Greater productivity. More fulfilling employee experience.

Maximize profits. Magnetize top talent. Find fulfillment.

Always experiential because you insist -- and we do too... No ineffective, boring, powerpoint lecturing yak-yak.

The Yes Works' options.  Tailored to your needs.


Interactive Keynotes and Presentations.

Choose a topic for a highly interactive presentation-workshop. We promise: No ineffective, boring, powerpoint-lecturing yak-yak. Content areas to choose from include:

Intensive Adeptability Workshops

Lasting from 1/2 day to 3 days or more (choose your level of transformation).

Most of our multi-day clients choose to spread out the training days over weeks or months.

The Yes Works in Residence

We serve a limited number of clients on an ongoing — in residence — basis:

As Adeptability Company Culture fitness trainers, we run regular exercises, training sessions, help to onboard new employees and cement the cohesion of new teams, support an engaged workforce, and keep sales teams eager and collaborative.

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