Team building for communication and collaboration is good business.

They’re a serious challenge for every org on the planet.

And, soft skills can’t be trained. Right?

Except that they can. Information doesn’t change behavior. Experience and principle change behavior. That’s where our Adeptability Team Building Program comes in.

Communication, Collaboration, Inspiration, & Innovation — Teams that are more than the sum.

Adeptability training is experiential, it’s kinetic, and it changes the way your team works together, building new connections and new habits. Team building is a literal thing with us. We help you build structures of group behavior, build culture, build new pathways in the brain of collaboration and trust.

Teams trained in Adeptability:

  • bring the best out in each other.

  • work faster and more effectively together than they ever could alone.

  • produce better, more original, more purposeful, and more innovative work.

  • provide clients with more refined, more directed, and more satisfying service.

Team Building with The Yes Works

“When people come into my office, it’s not to complain anymore. They’re coming in to say hello, and to tell me about what they’re working on. Productivity is up by 30% over where we were 6 months ago.”

Joel Larson, Director of Operations, Institute of Technology, UWT

After an experience of Adeptability training, participants can be heard saying, not, “Look what I did!”  Not, “Look what we did.”  They say to each other, “Look what YOU did.  You were awesome.” True teamwork comes not through a lot of “we”, but from everyone on the team working to make each other member of the team look good.

The result of these shifts — less fear.  With less fear comes greater audacity.  With greater audacity comes greater performance.

Ready for effective, fun training to level-up your team communication and collaboration?

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