Communication – Collaboration – Innovation – Productivation 


We train teams in Adeptability to build the sense-of-self and the sense-of-other required for world-class collaboration.

Improve your sales relationships, too.

You and your team have incredible genius in you, and we can help you set it alight.  Our mind-shifting training is intended to work with whatever systems are already working for your business.  And it’s rooted in neuroscience.  We will help you adopt new ways of being and thinking and interacting.  We’ll help you develop new habits that with practice will literally change your mind at the cellular level.  You’ll open access to genius that’s always been there.  When the whole mind is on the job, employee engagement naturally follows.

Anxiety, slowness of thought and action, conflict, inability to make or cope with change, paralysis in crisis… these common problems all are rooted in, “No.”

A central tenet of Adeptability (borrowed from improvisation) is, “Yes, And.”  Yes, I accept that your contribution has merit, and in acknowledgment of that merit, I’ll expand on your contribution to see what unexpected marvels are inspired. This is an incomparably simple tool. Its power is immeasurable.  And it takes training and practice to wield it consistently.

“Yes, And” is just the beginning of the principles we teach you and your team to inhabit.

We offer Adeptability Training for:

  • Resourcefulness & innovative thinking
  • Resilience & tenacity
  • Change management skills
  • Team synergy
  • Smart risk taking
  • No-balk mindset
  • Public speaking and presentation skills
  • Quick, purposeful, in-the-moment thinking
  • Cooperative selling
  • Effective, “Backwards” negotiating
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • The ability to surf a crisis

A chief complaint about leadership and corporate training programs is that they don’t change anything — or that the change is short-lived.  Other training programs are focused on systems that businesses must adopt and implement consistently, but…

We help you create new habits and permanently change your mind.

Team Training - Better than a ropes course. Fits in your office.

Collaboration, Cooperation, Inspiration, & Innovation - Freeing genius at work

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Adeptability Training is experiential, it’s kinetic, and it changes the way teams work together.

Teams trained in Adeptability bring the best out in each other, working faster and more effectively together than they ever could alone.  The work they produce is better, more original, more purposeful, more innovative.  And their service of clients is more refined, more directed, and more likely to end in client satisfaction.

We teach you and your team principles of Adeptability and take you through fast-paced experiential training designed to get you working faster than you can think — faster than your self-critical editor can intervene. Each member of your team bares their true creative genius to the others.  They work together to create SOMETHING from NOTHING.

This is a perspective shifting experience that creates indelible change in the brains of participants and in the relationships between them. A team that improvises together truly bonds. They learn to listen deeply, not only to each other, but to themselves as well.  Self-awareness grows. Co-creation and collaboration happen.

After an experience of Adeptability Training, participants can be heard saying, not, “Look what I did!”  Not, “Look what we did.”  They say to each other, “Look what YOU did.  You were awesome.” True teamwork comes not through a lot of “we”, but from everyone on the team working to make each other member of the team look good.

Sales Training -- Relationships, Rapport, Loyalty, Business

Get Your Mind Right. Serve People. Hit Your Numbers.

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Sales leaders like you tell us, “Sales is not the same job it used to be. My people are doing the right things. But they’re not closing the business. We need sales training that works.”

You may have found… Traditional forms of sales training — on their own — don’t yield the results you need.

  • When your process is right, but your results are wrong…
  • When your top performers are way ahead of the pack…
  • When you’re not getting the repeat business you deserve…

It’s time to stop training for process alone, and start training for mindset.

Our Adeptability mind-shift training for sales teams can ignite the skills and training they’ve already got. Sales processes gain power in the presence of trust, rapport, and authenticity.

Leadership Development — Behavior is contagious. Spread good.

Responsiveness, Agility, Flexibility, & Charisma

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Leadership is the art of creating an environment that brings the best out in your team. And nothing brings out the best in your team like knowing from experience that their contributions will be valued.

Our training can prepare managers and leaders of all kinds to use their minds with agility, to act with purpose and principle, and to respond to changing circumstances with grace and calm.

Our training is not a system, not a series of steps to follow.  We offer a participatory, kinetic experience.  It creates habits and changes brains.  The exercises and principles of Adeptabilty Training create constructive patterns of behavior that work so well and feel so inspiring that they are self-reinforcing.

Nothing prepares leadership better than the improvisational mindset instilled through Adeptability.

New Hire Selection — Adept your recruiting strategy.

Informed Choices to Join Your Team & Fit Your Culture

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Job interviews are notoriously lousy predictors of job performance. 

People who shine in an interview  may or may not be hard workers.  They may or may not play well with others.  They may or may not be able to think creatively and deliver on the promises they make in an interview.

Let us help you see more from your job candidates before you make your final decision. In order to find out what these candidates have under the hood, let us put them through their paces. You’ll learn about prospectives’ character, work ethic, collaborative skills, focus and resilience.

Next time your company is considering new hires, bring in the finalists for a workshop with The Yes Works.