TEAMIFICATION, because we promise -- your team is capable of more. And they want to bring it.

“Totally different from anything else out there.”

— Joe Mc Swiney, CEO SOG Knives

Your Team On Teamification


No more clock watching, living for the weekend, or “same shit different day.” It’s time to work brilliant & thrive under pressure. 

Founded in 2014, we’re here because we want our children to inherit a fulfilling and excellent work culture — unlike what we had coming up. And… Why wait? You’re going to create that future in your company NOW.

And you get to reap the rewards FIRST.

  • Stronger performance
  • Stronger profits
  • More genius 
  • More joy


Some of the results our clients report that you might want too: 

  • 75% increase in transparency and info sharing so they can make more strategic decisions
  • 80% more constructive and positive communication so they can focus on solutions and execution
  • 50% improvement in learning from failures so each iteration means better performance and profits
  • 100% more peer-to-peer collaboration and accountability so there’s greater inclusion of their diversity, and stronger performance


“We would not have gotten there without The Yes Works!”

Joe Le Roy

President & CEO, HopeSparks


We believe in human, humane, high-performing teams. Do you?

-Who’s Talking about The Yes Works?