Your computer has an operating system to support its basic functions, ensure that programs share resources and information efficiently and effectively, and prevent conflicts that stall performance. Your team needs a culture operating system for the same reasons. TEAMIFICATION is the new culture operating system that's creating legendary teams.

1. Assess the STRUCTURES the team is working within.

2. Train the 8 PRINCIPLES & MINDSETS that make effective teaming inevitable.

3. Teach TACTICS of collaboration, leadership at every level, customer service, innovation, and more.

Think of any legendary team: Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippen of the Chicago Bulls, Seal Team 6, The Marx Brothers, the 2019 US Women’s Soccer team. It certainly wasn’t strategy that made those teams legends.

Rather, as Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” That’s because a strong and human culture brings out the best your team has to offer.

No doubt, you’ve found out the truth. Legendary teams are dang hard to build.

And because you’re rightly focused on building and growing your business, you likely don’t have a coherent, comprehensive, systematic approach to culture building. And in order to get to the future you envision, you need one.

Traditional team building doesn’t cut it. What’s more, management training and leadership development training often don’t yield results. So great culture feels like an unbreakable code.

Well… Culture isn’t a puzzle anymore — it’s a flexible, adaptable system.

With TEAMIFICATION, your culture is your last line of defense and your unfair advantage.

The TEAMIFICATION process in three steps:

tractor to help cultivate the culture system

1) PREPARE THE SOIL — Build Coherent Foundational Structures in Your Business

Are your policies and procedures, people-systems and structures toxic? Do they conflict with each other? With your core values? Or with the science of human behavior?

You cannot get where you’re going with misguided “best practices” and toxic gaps in structural integrity.

You need fertile ground to allow your people to focus on what matters and do their best work together.

That’s why we’d like to help you sort it all out and enrich the soil so your legendary team can emerge.

plant icon

2) PLANT THE SEEDS — Develop the Principal Competencies of Teaming in Your People

Your people are the beating heart of your operation. “Plant the Seeds” is the beating heart of TEAMIFICATION. 

Through profoundly experiential and potent training, we install 8 fundamental principles of legendary teaming into the hearts and minds of your team so you thrive together under pressure.

watering can to help the culture system

3) WATER THE GARDEN – Train & Coach Leaders to Preserve and Promote Further Teamification

A legendary team is resilient. A legendary team thrives under pressure. And, it needs tending through strong, intentional leadership. Like farming, TEAMIFICATION is an ongoing process.

That’s why we’ll work with your leaders to ensure that the way they lead will continue to nurture the seeds we’ve planted together.  We’ll give them tools to effectively communicate your unified vision for the future

With TEAMIFICATION, your culture endures even as you grow and change. LEGENDARY TEAMS ENDURE!