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Testimonial from MOD Pizza for The Yes Works

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Job Candidate Assessment Testimonial - The Yes Works

“This isn’t my thing, but THIS was great!”

-Anonymous Introvert

We are fortunate to have thought leaders like THE YES WORKS Team devote their time, passion, energy, and talent to enriching the transition experience of the separating service members who have supported our collective way of life! Aaron, Adam, and Rachel are truely a resource for our entire community!!

– Greg Mowat, Boots to Business

Our results are best case scenario. Better than I could have hoped. You undercharged me.

– Joel Larson, University of Washington Institute of Technology

After training with The Yes Works, my team is taking the unexpected in stride.  Surprises are no longer disruptions, and there’s an openness to change that didn’t exist before.

– Brian Cox, Burkhart Dental Supply

The Yes Works creates a dynamic alive environment for learning.  They have helped me to see that my goals are completely attainable and that “road blocks” simply require a shift in my perception.

– Miguel Juarez, Sales

The Yes Works team will work with you to develop the session that is right for your team, even to the point of adjusting on the fly during the session. This is the nature of their improvisational backgrounds, and Yes, it works!

-Joel Larson, University of Washington Institute of Technology

The training became addictive, because each one built on the last, and you couldn’t wait to see what happened next.  There’s no such thing as “dropping in” on The Yes Works training.  You’d have fun, but you’d miss out on the growth curve, which is really what the training is all about.

– Julie Weinberger

Improvisation is not just about making stuff up as you go, and it’s not always about comedy. It’s about “getting out of your own head” and trusting yourself and your reactions in situations that are not always scripted. It’s about learning how to deal with unexpected situations.

– Elizabeth Bush, Insurance Agent

It’ll push you to learn, grow, engage in – and persevere through – difficult situations in all aspects of life.  It’ll help you gain confidence, determination to succeed, and to do well in all aspects of life – even if you feel you “botched it.

– Johannan Kelly, RN

I highly recommend The Yes Works to help take your business to a whole new level of cohesiveness and clarity of purpose.

– Dr. Brad Ellisor, Chiropractor

I give more of my genius to my team, and I am able to receive my team’s brilliances more readily.

– Arturo Celleri, Tacoma Community College