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Testimonial from MOD Pizza for The Yes Works

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Job Candidate Assessment Testimonial - The Yes Works

“This was exactly what we were looking for.”

– Megan Hansen, SVP People, MOD Pizza

The YES Works are incredible people! The process in which they instructed, brainstormed, listened and genuinely cared about the wants and needs of our … team is out of this world! It’s very obvious they are there with you. When I say that, I mean that they are learning and growing along with you. There is something very powerful about that vulnerability and almost makes the teachings that much more impactful. I will be honest and say we had hesitations to hiring them due to the cost. I’m THRILLED that we made the investment in our team and ourselves. It’s well worth the cost. I would recommend The YES Works to anyone in the market to make a change in their workplace for the positive!”

-Nichole Thomas, Operations Manager, Jon Bye & Associates

“I [have] a great team culture… and of course you helped me with that. You gave us a great platform to challenge my senior leaders to lead differently.”

Stephen Boyle 
VP US Partner Group, Microsoft

“The Yes Works TEAMIFICATION has been invaluable for our team, agency, and organizational culture. I have never unanimously had a group of team members all LOVE a training before! The skills and practice of the skills have dramatically changed our work culture and environment. Not only does The YES Works use proven methods and science, they also use common sense and cut through the nonsense to get to the point of truly helping build cohesive and collaborative teams! We have created psychological safety in our workplace, allowing for true risk taking and innovation to take place. Not to mention fun!”

Joseph Le Roy, MSW, LICSW, President & CEO, HopeSparks