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Team Maintenance: Teams Need Tune-Ups

Team maintenance is easy to overlook. You’ve got stuff to do. Your team has stuff to do. THE PROBLEM People are the best part of your business, and they’re the hardest part. Your team has an operating system, an engine, that defines the way it functions. Company culture. And Deloitte gives us a few striking […]

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"Going Great" and Other BS Sales Reps Say Sometimes

If you’ve got sales reps working for you (really, if you’ve got anyone working for you), and you’re getting all the accurate information from them that you need, when you need it, then read no further. If you need any more accurate information than you’re getting, when you need it, read on.   A SALES […]

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Case Study – Mean to Team (Part 1 of 2)

THE TEAM: 12 engineers make up the operations team supporting the IT department of a large school with 25K employees. “You undercharged me.” — Jack, the Team Leader   THE SITUATION: When Jack, the Operations Team leader, reached out to us, he cited communication and cohesion challenges on his team. We soon learned that he […]

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