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A Common Notetaking Practice Makes For Poor Meeting Outcomes

Come on… Surely technology has taken us beyond the point where we need to use a quill and ink to take meeting notes. Wait a sec, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. We all have heard a bajillion times just how expensive meetings are, that there are too many of them, that people hate them, and […]

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5 Ways "Nice" at Work Can Slowly Destroy Your Company

“You’re nice,” is a compliment. Many of us would like to be seen as nice. Truth is… Nice isn’t necessarily good. Nice at work — and in so many other areas of our lives — can be destructive. And now you’re probably as tired of the word “nice” as I am. Good. Maybe you’ll stop […]

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7 Things You May Be Getting Wrong About Change Management

What do your company and diapers have in common? They’ve got to be changed regularly. It’s not your fault. You’re not doing anything wrong. Your company (unlike diapers) isn’t full of crap. Rather, we live in a changing world and you’ve got changing goals, and so what got you to the present you’re in won’t […]

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5 Ways to Effectively Diffuse Defensiveness

You’ve got something important to communicate to someone on your team — and maybe they don’t want to hear it. Before you even begin to deliver your message, you feel a pit in your stomach as you start to fear the dreaded defensiveness. As leaders, we’ve got the responsibility to have difficult conversations and challenge […]

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