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Collaboration Made Simple in 1 Step

Ok. Here it is. The single step you need to take for world-class collaboration: Always move the action forward. (Repeat.) If it’s immediately clear to you how this sentence applies to collaboration, then thanks for reading. If you’ve got an eyebrow raised, allow me to elaborate. An Adeptability Collaboration Guide Though we all collaborate every […]

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Improv: Change Your Mind

What would you say if I told you there’s genius in you?  What if I told you that there’s genius in everyone you work with? You may doubt it.  I believe it.  My experience bears out my belief. Imagine there’s a Ferrari in your driveway.  You drive it every day, but you firmly believe that […]

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Play Your Way to Innovation

Encourage and stimulate creativity and innovation. Get the edge on your competition. Keep up your interest and passion for work. Retain employees who love their work. Excite your clients, increase referral business, and create a buzz. This will be an article about cultivating a culture of creativity and innovation in business (and elsewhere). But first, […]

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