Get Your Mind Right. Serve People. Hit Your Numbers.

Sales leaders like tell us, “Sales is not the same job it used to be. My people are doing the right things. But they’re not closing the business. We need sales training that works.”

Sales — more than ever — is a communication and collaboration thing… And that’s hard stuff.

Fear of uncertainty gets in the way. Adeptability Training helps sideline fear so your team can enjoy a high-performance accountability culture — and you all can enjoy the results of success.

You may have found… Traditional forms of sales training — on their own — don’t yield the results you need.

  • When your process is right, but your results are wrong…
  • When the bulk of your sales team is way behind the top performers…
  • When you’re not getting the repeat business you deserve…

It’s time to stop training for process alone, and start training for mindset.

Our Adeptability mind-shift training for sales teams can ignite the skills and training they’ve already got. Sales processes gain power within a context of confidence, trust, and authenticity.

“When I’m in front of customers in a selling situation, I have the ability to stop and listen to what they’re saying first, and then communicate what I want to communicate. Because of the training you did with us, it’s automatic. I recommend this to anyone who works with people.”

Laurie Larson, Sales Coordinator, Metro Parks Tacoma

Adeptability Mindshift training with The Yes Works might be right for you if your organization:

  • Employs or wants the sales philosophy, “Always be helping.”
  • Is too busy solving client problems to be overly worried about the competition.
  • Collaborates and consults with your clients for their success so you’re not, “just a commodity.”
  • Responds to the individual needs of your clients.
  • Doesn’t try to be all things to all people. You know what you do — and don’t — do.
  • Creates behavioral KPIs to encourage connection.

AND… Striving is a part of your DNA.

Adeptability Mindshift training with The Yes Works is probably NOT FOR YOU if your organization:

  • Employs the sales philosophy, “Always Be Closing.”
  • Seeks to win business by beating the competition on price instead of value.
  • Offers a commodity product or service, and that’s it. You take orders, and give ’em what they want.
  • Sells “one-size-fits-all” solutions. Take it or leave it.
  • Prioritizes making the sale over adding value today and tomorrow.
  • Creates KPIs that all are measured in dollars and cents.

AND… You’re not willing to change your mind.

Mindset can be changed. We deliver Adeptabilty Mindshift through tailor-made experiential training

Process provides needed structure. Principle provides essential adaptability. And selling stuff to people is a structured, improvisational ART. And without an unshakable sense-of-self, you just can’t improvise effectively. And you can’t connect with people.

Because sense-of-self doesn’t come from classroom or online learning, we train sales teams by experiential, kinetic means to create an abundant mindset.

We’ll move your whole team’s performance to the right, and narrow the gap between the pack and the top performers.

Sales isn’t the job it used to be. Your sales reps can’t succeed as talking brochures. They will never again be simple order takers. Their job today is to provide the human element a web page never can.

Unless you are an electronic form on a webpage, the job of sales today is human connection and adding value.

Nothing interferes with connection like FEAR. Fear leads to neediness and desperation. Prospects will smell the self-interest, and run the other way.

Nothing dispels anxiety, neediness, and pushiness like a strong sense-of-self. Nothing builds a strong sense-of-self like Adeptability sales-team training with The Yes Works.

Want a mind-shift for your sales team to improve effectiveness and profitability?

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