Company Culture Engineering

(A sleeves-rolled up consultation we’ll craft together.)

We’re your partner for a culture that clicks… 


…and sticks.


If it ain’t a system, it ain’t consistent, replicable, scaleable, or dependable. So you need a system to define your company culture.

Not a rigid system of rules… Rather, a flexible, human, dynamic system of principles, expectations, and human behavior.

Your company culture defines your destiny.

And, you don’t leave something that important to chance.

You ever hear of the famous bridge near our home of Tacoma, WA called “Galloping Gertie?”

This celebrated bridge collapsed 4 months after it was completed because they hadn’t taken the wind into account.

What invisible forces might your company be vulnerable to?

Your company is a human system of subtle and interdependent forces. We’ll help you take them all into account to engineer a culture that stands the test of time and withstands the winds of change – your company, even more itself.

Let us help you shore up one piece of your culture system, or ask us to help you address the whole shebang.

Leadership Development & Performance Management Programs

(A modular workshop series we can bring to you, or you can send managers to one of our 8 week “Manager’s Upskilling Sprints.”)

Every person a leader… 

Leadership ain’t just a position in the org chart. It’s a way of being.

Imagine a culture in your company where each person consistently says, “that’s me,” instead of passing the buck. When making decisions, they take the whole into account and communicate along the way. They take calculated risks that differentiate you from your competition so you can excel. They bring out the best in those around them, driving growth and profits.

Leadership is an art… Sure. 

It’s also a science.

We’ll help you and your team employ a proven, science-backed system of leadership.

  • Our One-Legendary-Team Labs transform teams of “individual contributors” into activated teams made up of leaders in their own right.
  • Our Performance Management System will give every manager in your organization a framework of tools and behaviors to drive performance, improvement, and accountability with heart. You get top performance and talent retention.
    • We can train all your leaders together in your own tailored program.
    • Or, you can enroll a smaller number of leaders in one of our Manager’s Upskilling Sprints alongside leaders from other orgs.

Are we a fit to help advance leadership on your team?

Communication & Collaboration Training

(1, 2, or 3 Teamification Labs – half-day each plus additional topic-modules as needed)

What if the left hand always knew what the right hand was doing? 

What if there was no fighting over resources, but instead an easy transfer of resources to wherever they were needed most?

What if your team always made the most of its diversity and added up to more than the sum of its parts?

Our One-Legendary-Team Labs series delivers 8 fundamental principles of effective communication, collaboration, leadership, and teaming – so each of your people is more valuable to the company and to each other. And so the company is more valuable to each of your people.

Fun. Effective. Experiential.

The first session in the series stands on its own and packs a real transformational whalop. 

What complaint do leaders like you most often level at training they invest in?
It doesn’t lead to change.

This is training that changes minds, changes teams, boosts performance – and leaves character (individuals’ and companies’) intact.

After just one session with his leadership team, SOG Knives CEO Joe McSwiney tells us (80% better… 30% more…, etc.).

Could The Yes Works be the answer to improved communication among your people?

Team Building That Lasts

(1, 2, or 3 One-Legendary-Team Labs – half-day each)

Many leaders roll their eyes when they hear the words “Team Building.” 

That’s because so much of the “Team Building” they’ve seen hasn’t led to lasting changes. That in turn is because someone has taken an already established activity and tacke on the label “Team Building” as a marketing tactic.

At The Yes Works, we’ve devised a program with one goal in mind… Teamification. 

A team is a coordinated group of people pursuing a valuable goal held in common.

How coordinated is your group? How commonly held are your goals? What are people willing to invest to attain them?

What stands in the way of more? Communication.

Which brings us back to our One-Legendary-Team Labs and 8 Fundamentals of Effective Communication and Teaming.

Sense a pattern here? The primary component of our solution to engineering your culture that clicks and sticks… Bringing you and your team closer and closer to impeccable communication.

And building the strong relationships of trust that come with it.

Team building that lasts? 

Remember Joe McSwiney’s testimonial above? He also said the change persisted. And persisted. Because that’s what experiential learning backed up with a shared vocabulary does for a team.

Could your team come together more than ever before for greater collective performance and retention?

Innovation & Problem Solving Support

(Facilitated learning labs of 90 minutes to full-day, followed when needed by facilitated innovation and problems solving sessions to address specific issues your team is facing)

Innovation isn’t something you do. It’s something that happens when the circumstances are right.

Our program helps you create the circumstances in your company and culture to make innovation inevitable, frequent, and effective.

At the core of this program is a two session experiential lab to introduce and give your team practice with 5 principles that create and drive a virtuous cycle of problem finding, evaluation, and breakthrough solution-finding.

In addition to helping you establish these 5 principles as a program running in the background of your team, we can facilitate for your team an innovation breakthrough session to get teams unstuck and executing on a new plan of action.

Is it time to operate beyond the reach of your competition?

Culture Assessment

(Surveys, interviews, and a desk audit of HR and Leadership assets)

Likely, you’re thinking that we’re about to offer you a culture or engagement survey.


We find these tools are not as accurate as we’d want them to be, and that they measure lagging indicators.

So instead, we look at leading indicators instead – assessing tools and instruments you have in place, conducting targeted interviews with key people, and taking measures of team cohesion and the health of the environment instead.

Do your policies agree with your values? Do your people have the autonomy and authority to deliver on their responsibilities? Does your corporate structure reflect what research has shown to be effective?

Your culture is an ecosystem. Each element affects all the others for what you need to be a symphony of symbiosis. 

After conducting and reviewing the findings of this assessment, we’ll work with you to prioritize and execute a plan of action to address changes you deem mission critical for your business.

How’s the health of your culture ecosystem?

Your Culture Foundation: Mission, Vision, Values 

(3 half-day labs)

Your culture rests on a foundation that defines the attention and intention of your company.

Your mission, vision, and values, when dialed in, can help create a destiny of success for your business.

Are they clear, cogent, coherent, and inspiring? 

Do these messages alone make your team want to get up in the morning, and draw in your ideal customers?

Many leaders with a clear vision find great usefulness in having support to articulate these defining navigation aids in the most compelling words possible.

In a few brief sessions, we can help you and your leaders articulate a foundation strong enough to enable you to reach and surpass your most ambitious goals.

Is it time to do this work?