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2 Ways to Sell Anything — Sales Strategy

There are essentially two ways to go about selling anything. Either sales strategy can work if we define “work” as “lead to a sale.” One way will leave you and your client happier, more satisfied, and with a stronger relationship. The other will not. To illustrate this, let me tell you the stories of my […]

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Make a friend. Almost kill him. Start a business together.

I made a new friend. One day, we almost killed each other. Then, we spent that afternoon together in misery. Next, we formed a company to teach others to do what we had done — at work. You can do it too at your work. I’m getting ahead of myself. Meeting: Adam and I worked together […]

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Case Study – Mean to Team (Part 2 of 2)

Last week, you read about the problems on Jack’s team. They were significant. Some people were at each other’s throats. Some people simply weren’t speaking to one another. Others were simply disappointed to be working in such a contentious setting. Productivity and work product were suffering. And now, the exciting conclusion… THE RESULTS: Four weeks […]

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Case Study – Mean to Team (Part 1 of 2)

THE TEAM: 12 engineers make up the operations team supporting the IT department of a large school with 25K employees. “You undercharged me.” — Jack, the Team Leader   THE SITUATION: When Jack, the Operations Team leader, reached out to us, he cited communication and cohesion challenges on his team. We soon learned that he […]

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