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Trust-Based Leadership Hack: Our Obsession With Loss is Costing Us!

Trust-based leadership is trickier, more important, and simpler than people acknowledge. My fear of loss sabotages my dreams for me and my company. And so does yours. Maybe you’ve read Stephen M.R. Covey‘s book, The Speed of Trust. Its thesis is that as trust goes up, the speed of business goes up and the cost […]

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What’s Better for Your Company… Optimists or Pessimists?

Optimists or pessimists? Wrong question. We all want to fill our teams with optimists, folks who look on the bright side, positive people. Or do we. Optimists are often more fun to be around. They look on the bright side. They see opportunity. Pessimists on the other hand usually consider themselves to be realists. It’s […]

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How to Make Zoom Fatigue Optional

Zoom meetings (or Teams, or Google meet, yada-yada — pick your video meeting platform) are still a thing, and therefore so is Zoom fatigue. Our calendars are still laden with meetings — one-on-ones and group meetings both — in which we’re going to have to stare into a camera, tell Jody that she’s on mute. […]

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The Stay Interview – A Retention Tool That’s Both Brilliant and Dumb

Exit interviews are notoriously poor at providing useful information. The information you do get comes too late to keep this valuable employee on-board, and it’s hard to separate the valuable input from the bias of the interviewee. Therefore, someone brilliant came up with the idea of the stay interview to provide better information that’s more […]

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7 Keys to the Least Worst Way to Fire Someone

Have you decided that it is (or that it may be) time to fire someone? There’s no best way. Firing people sucks. Dark topic… I hope to shed some light. And to mix a metaphor, this article will give you the key — heck, 7 keys — to the least worst way to go about […]

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A Common Notetaking Practice Makes For Poor Meeting Outcomes

Come on… Surely technology has taken us beyond the point where we need to use a quill and ink to take meeting notes. Wait a sec, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. We all have heard a bajillion times just how expensive meetings are, that there are too many of them, that people hate them, and […]

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