Responsiveness, Agility, Flexibility, & Charisma

Leadership is the art of creating an environment that brings the best out in your team. Your team brings their best when they know from experience that their contributions will be valued.  Leadership development , then, must teach skills of encouragement.  It can be harder than you think to recognize value.  It’s scary to welcome failure.  It seems like a paradox to welcome failure and to encourage success at the same time.  But that’s what a leader must do.

A manager is responsible to deliver two things: employee performance and employee retention.  The skills developed by a practice of improv support a leader’s ability to  deliver both. One of the toughest challenges faced by any leader is presenting a face that’s unified with the firm, even when disappointed by decisions from above.  Improv skills deliver.

Our training prepares managers and leaders of all kinds to use their minds with agility, to act with purpose and principle, and to respond to changing circumstances with grace and calm.  If you’re looking for effective leadership development effortlessly implemented, look no further.

Our leadership development training is not a system.  It’s not a series of steps to follow.  Our training is a participatory, kinesthetic experience.  It creates habits and changes brains.  There’s no complex system to to implement.  Rather we help you to create constructive patterns of behavior.  These habits work so well and are so inspiring that they are self-reinforcing. When work feels like play, everyone is fully engaged.  When work feels like play, failure is momentary.  And it’s a catalyst that drives success.

Effective leadership development arms leaders for effective team development.  That’s why we focus on principles over systems.  Principles always work.  That’s what makes them principles.

Nothing prepares exceptional leadership better than improv.

Want lighthearted, effective leadership in your organization?

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