Fresh Ideas, New Avenues

Innovation isn’t something you do.  It’s something that happens when the conditions are right.  Our clients hire us to help them set the perfect conditions.  And as a result, innovation happens naturally, organically, inevitably.

There are two sure-fire killers of the innovative spirit.  One is “No.” Second is fear of failure.  There are also two sure-fire nurturers of the innovative spirit. The improv principle of “Yes, And.” And the hard one, embracing failure.

We teach teams to employ “Yes, And.” With this improv principal, each idea leads inevitably to another. And we help teams to create a culture that celebrates failure. Failure is an invaluable teacher.  We help clients to literally, neurologically, change their minds at the cellular level.  We’re creating pathways in the brain that allow us to learn from failure and rebound in an instant.  Teams armed with improv employ the lessons of each failure immediately.

We build these lasting changes in your company.  Simultaneously, we help your team to sprout innovation. We’ll spend the day with your development team. We’ll put them through their paces using our unique improv based program. With our help, your team will open up several new business avenues to explore. You’ll take away not only those new, innovative ideas, but a more innovative team to boot.

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