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Our team is experienced in mediation, and have helped people in various circumstances resolve their disputes in harmony.

We use the tools of theater improv to help disputants to hear their own thoughts more clearly, to focus on their true desires instead of on their fears. With attention constructively engaged in forward movement, and supported by neutral mediators in a context of trust, parties discover common ground.

Even the smallest patch of common ground can be the basis for resolution.

When disputes are taken to court, or to arbitration, or even authoritatively adjudicated by a manager or supervisor, there is a winner and a loser — and sometimes even both sides feel they have lost. Bitterness and hard feelings result after a stressful battle.

Mediation by improv, however, ends when everyone has won –by definition cannot end until both sides are satisfied.  And when it is done, parties often say, “You know, that was fun.”

Even if you are not currently involved in a dispute, and have no strife to resolve currently, you know things come up.  We can all use a fuller tool-bag to deal with the conflicts that arise as a fact of life.  Make improv for conflict resolution a part of your organization’s in-service-training.