Job interviews are notoriously lousy predictors of job performance. Even after your due diligence, you gotta cross your fingers and roll the dice... or do you?

22% of new hires are gone within 45 days for reasons including temperament and poor performance. (Wynhurst Group)

46% of new hires are fired within 18 months. (Leadership IQ)

89% of those fired are dismissed for attitudinal reasons. (Leadership IQ)

People who shine in an interview  may or may not be hard workers.  They may or may not play well with others.  They may or may not be able to think creatively and deliver on the promises they make in an interview.  Making the wrong hiring decision is costly, sometimes for years to come:

  • Low energy people turn clients off and make coworkers less productive.
  • Someone who’s not a fit for your culture won’t stay very long.
  • Fearful employees don’t communicate, don’t grow, and decrease in productivity over time.
  • Rude employees lose clients and make coworkers contemplate leaving.
  • The cost to replace a salaried employee has been conservatively estimated at 20% of their annual salary.  That’s $10K for a $50K position.
  • Toxic employees increase quitting among their coworkers by 50%.
  • They are likely to be terminated for very bad behavior.
  • Even the non-toxic coworkers of a toxic employee are more likely to be terminated for bad behavior. Bad behavior is contagious.
  • Dishonest workers can ruin your firm’s reputation overnight.
  • One person can shift the entire culture of a company and drag down morale and productivity.
  • Toxic employees rarely show their true colors in an interview.  They’re on their best behavior.

So how can you choose from among people you know very little about?

Many HR teams and recruiters employ a creative solution in order to learn about applicants before they are employed–multiple choice personality tests.  They can, however, be (and have been) cracked and gamed by applicants to indicate aptitudes and qualities the candidates don’t have.  The interpretation of these tests often costs $1000 or more per applicant.  That’s just too much for a measure that can be spoofed.

That’s why we’ve created our New Hire Selection Program. The benefits of a Job Candidate Adeptability Workshop include:

  • Your candidates work with others, not answer pre-determined questions alone and on paper.
  • This evaluation cannot be gamed.
  • The artificial tension of a job interview is diminished, and organic job-like pressures are applied.
  • Our improv workshop brings signs of toxicity into view.
  • Candidates’ creativity, genius, and other more subtle signs of strength are also revealed.
  • You’ll see candidates at work in a collaborative team context.
  • They will reveal habits they’ll bring to interactions with the life-blood of your business—clients.
  • Candidates reveal how they deal with adversity and challenge.
  • You’ll learn about candidates’ character, work ethic, collaborative skills, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, focus, and resilience.
  • Your first choice candidate will choose your company for the innovative spirit you demonstrated in making The Yes Works a part of your hiring process.

Let us help you know more about your job candidates before you make your final decision.

Fill in the form below to get our support with choosing your next new hire. Bring in the finalists for a workshop with The Yes Works. You can see them at work, and we will give you a thorough report on each candidate.  In that report, we’ll share with you the insights we gain while we work with them.

Get this competitive hiring advantage for your firm, and get the same recruiting advantage that prompted a recent client to say, “I got insights into this candidate that I wouldn’t have had until he’d been on the job for weeks.”

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