GUEST: Ben Brashen — CEO of CardTapp


CardTapp is a personally branded mobile app for sales people with tracking and varied functionality to help people track their prospect’s behavior and drive sales.


A great product at CardTapp began with Ben creating an app that he wanted to use for his own business. Then, he began to sell it. CardTapp value, “Evolve every day,” has helped that product to expand its value, its audience and its functionality.


A great working environment began with Ben creating the work environment that he wanted to work in. It will attract and retain the people who will also thrive in that same sort of environment and culture.


Don’t try to copy another company’s culture. Build a culture that reflects you — who you are, how you want to work, and what kind of motivation you want to surround yourself with.


CardTapp has a “F*@< it!” mentality when they ship in order to drive fast-paced operations. That doesn’t mean they don’t care. It means they don’t have to be perfect at first blush. They can get quick feedback and make quick fixes.


“Prepare. Don’t plan.”


Capability, speed, willingness to fall on your face? Creates a sense of adventure and fun.


Customers are willing to be collaborators. Responsiveness is better than slow, deliberate perfection. “I’m just not afraid of breaking stuff.” You just better be prepared to fix it.


It’s a race. A race to hit numbers, launch dates, lowering customer churn. The race is more internal than external.


Focus on our customer, on their feedback to us, and deliver for the customer. That’s more powerful than watching the competition too closely.


Make it easy. You don’t need to make the biggest, greatest thing in the world. Accept the challenge to distill down to the critical functionality, and make that easy. Simple for the user. When it’s not easy, the customer won’t use it.


Adventure is a throughline of what makes work good at CardTapp.


Facing the unknown is fun, and it’s required for growth, for innovation, for delivering uncommon value. Create moments internally where people feel the anticipation and excitement of adventure.


The rallying cry of CardTapp: “Let’s f*@<ing dominate. LFD.”


Don’t put a veneer on the experience of peaks, valleys, failure, rough patches? Face the fact.


The common wisdom, “Hire people who are smarter than you,” is critical. And it doesn’t mean that they’re going to be smarter than you in every respect. Smarter than you in the realms of their aptitude, their role. Then set high expectations for their performance in role. Surpass me.


Hire well. Give people goals. Transfer the vision. Get out of their way. Let them decide how to get from here to there.

– Create a celebration culture. Gratitude is productive. Express gratitude. Be specific. Be direct.

– Make it a challenge. Give them autonomy. Tell them to figure it out. Make it ok to fail. Point out when they’ve done a great job, made sound choices, and executed well.




Careers and Core values at CardTapp (Including the DOMINATE acronym we spoke about) at:



FYI: CardTapp is offering a $200 discount to any new customers who mention they heard this podcast.



Today’s guest: Ben Brashen, CEO of CardTapp



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