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Perspective Presentation:

Choose a topic for a highly interactive presentation-workshop. We promise: No ineffective, boring, powerpoint-lecturing yak-yak. Content areas to choose from include:

  1. Creating and maintaining a culture of innovationPlay at the Problem
    • 4 principles of Innovation preparedness.
    • Innovation is bricolage is association
    • Diversity’s role
    • Have fun and stay productive even when the bleep hits the fan.
    • Techniques to notice the bleep and move the fan before impact.
    • Bleep? That’s not bleep. That’s an opportunity.
    • A playful approach to problems at every scale. (“Do not try and bend the bleep. Instead, only try to realize the truth… There is no bleep. Then you’ll see that it is not the bleep that bends. It is only yourself.”)
    • This presentation is a value packed experience that engages and enlivens the room to deliver experience-changing strategy.
  2. Employee Engagement and RetentionIt’s a Relationship Thing
    • Effective Feedback
    • What valuing employee input looks like
    • Listening ain’t hearing ain’t recognizing — you need to do all three
    • Effectively intervening at the first signs of engagement slump
    • This is how you make the most of your diversity and increase it over time.
  3. Diversity and InclusionIt’s More Than Butts in Seats
    • Diversity and inclusion — related, not synonimous
    • Who’s at the table and whose voice is heard
    • Ditching the bystander effect
    • High engagement and high inclusion – hand in hand in hand in hand

The topics outlined below are samples drawn from the most common goals our clients come to us with and can be adapted to meet your specific needs.

Full Meal Options for Team Training 


IMPACT PACKAGE: Adeptable Collaboration

The core of IMPACT is one day of intensive Adeptability Training.

Whether you aim to:

  • Optimize team communication and performance.
  • Enhance customer service. Or,
  • Improve sales performance…

We start by learning about your objectives for learning and outcomes, and then we tailor our highly experiential curriculum for maximum impact.

Included in this IMPACT PACKAGE:

  • Workshop session (3-6 hours)  for up to 30 participants.
  • Advance consulting with client company leadership to set goals and priorities and gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state of your team.
  • Pre-assessment survey of team and team leadership.
  • Post training consultation with leadership about cementing learning, workplace application, and making it last.
  • Collaborative assessment post training to measure impact.

MOMENTUM PACKAGE: Adeptable Innovation

Having an impact is good. Generating momentum is better.

The core of MOMENTUM is two days of intensive Adeptability Training, plus some coaching  to keep things moving.

Included in this MOMENTUM PACKAGE:

    • Communication & Collaboration Training (day 1)
    • Problem Solving & Innovation Training (day 2)
  • Adeptability Coaching – 6 Sessions – for leadership or de-facto leaders on the front line
    • Your choice: regular scheduled sessions, or on-demand as needed
    • Access to coach — call anytime. Callback within 24 hrs.
  • Pre and post workshop assessments to measure progress and momentum.


Gaining momentum is great. Achieving transformation is for keeps.

The core of TRANSFORMATION is four days of intensive Adeptability Training, plus more coaching and brush-up training sessions  to drive change deep into the fabric of organizational culture.


  • Communication & Collaboration (day 1)
  • Problem Solving & Innovation (day 2)
  • Leadership Mindset Is Collaboration Mindset(day 3)
  • Leading Talent in Growth and Change (day 4)
  • Workshop — 2 additional 4-6 hr Workshop sessions (4 total)
  • Coaching — 6 additional sessions (12 total)
  • Additional “Spread the Word” 4-5 hour Workshop for Full-Team Contagion
    • A communication and collaboration workshop with an additional team of your choice
  • Tune-Ups — 4 refresher trainings for any participants 2 hours every three weeks
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