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Because you insist… no more ineffective, boring, powerpoint lecturing yak-yak. And we do too.

The Yes works.  Yes works for business.

Yes works for more.  Yes works today.


Yes will still work tomorrow.

You are a creative genius.  How do I know?  Well, you’re reading, from which I deduce that you are the proud owner of a working brain, and the human brain is the most powerful computer on earth.  For every bit of data that goes in, an association (creatively constructed by your pre-conscious mind) comes out.  The only thing that distinguishes the “creative” among us from those who aren’t is that the “creative” among us give our attention to those associations and bring them into conscious thought while the “un-creative” haven’t learned to value those associations, to bring them forward in the mind, and to express them.

Creativity is not a fleeting, ephemeral quality reserved for the lucky few. Creativity is a habit and a skill.  And like any habit or skill, it can be developed and honed.  Creativity can be applied to any problem, in any situation, to any relationship.  Creativity is the life-blood of any business, and the disease which squelches it is “NO.”

“Yes,” by contrast, is the engine of creativity.  Say, “yes,” a few times to your creative impulses, and your pre-conscious association-making mind will love it.  Having been rewarded with yes, your mind will ramp up the pace and the volume of the ideas it supplies.  You’ll have fresh ideas flooding through you.  Say, “yes,” a few times to the ideas of others, and they’ll reward your acceptance with even more ideas.

Theater Improv is great “yes” training.  So we’ve built our Adeptability program on many of the same principles. Sprinkle in the science of institutional psych, leadership principles, and educational best practices, and you see why Adeptability makes exceptional business training.

Many of us have trouble consistently maintaining a posture of openness, acceptance, and presence in the moment.  We take criticism personally.  Fear of the unknown makes innovative ideas scary.  Adeptability training is like going to the gym to build the muscles of embracing possibility and capitalizing on potential.  It literally changes your mind.  The more you practice “yes” the easier and the more automatic it becomes.

Theater Improv is more than a performative art-form. It trains and reinforces a mindset.  A central tenet of improv is a concept called, “yes, and.”  YES, I accept that your input has merit — AND, I expand upon it with my own perspective.  One YES, AND at a time, inspired notions are built. Neuroscientists say, “The neurons that fire together, wire together.”  This means that every time you share thought, and my response is “yes, and,” the neurons that create that response become physically connected to the neurons that recognize a suggestion.  It becomes easier and easier, not only to say “yes” to the ideas of others, but to your own ideas as well.  Your mind is changed at a cellular level.

“Yes, and” is the single most powerful tool that I have as a theater director, as a teacher, as a manager and supervisor, and as an entrepreneur.  And I’m not alone in that opinion.  The best business schools in the country (Harvard, Duke, Columbia, MIT and many more) have added Theater Improv training to their MBA programs.

Consider adding Adeptability Training to your professional development arsenal.  Spark lucrative innovation. Build teams that operate like clockwork.  Harvest the full potential of your people.  Develop agile, intuitive leadership.  Train for quick, purposeful, in-the-moment thinking.

Fear of the unknown makes innovative ideas scary.  Adeptability training is like going to the gym to build the muscles of embracing possibility and capitalizing on potential.  It literally changes your mind. Adeptability improves results.

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