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Team building sucks… Ok, that’s not true. Most team building activities suck. If it doesn’t give the team new perspectives, new skills, and new habits it isn’t really team building. “Building” implies creating something new. That’s where we come in.

Adeptability training is experiential, it’s kinetic, and it changes the way your team works together, building new connections and new habits. Teams trained in Adeptability:

Collaboration, Cooperation, Inspiration, & Innovation — Freeing genius at work

  • bring the best out in each other.
  • work faster and more effectively together than they ever could alone.
  • produce better, more original, more purposeful, and more innovative work.
  • provide clients with more refined, more directed, and more satisfying service.

This team building opportunity is not simply a day of fun to reveal strengths already present in your team without creating lasting change. Team building is a literal thing with us.

We help you build structures of group behavior, build culture, build new pathways in the brain of collaboration and trust.

We teach you and your team principles of improv and take you through fast-paced experiential training designed to get you working faster than you can think — faster than your self-critical editor can intervene. Each member of your team bares their true creative genius to the others.  They work together to create SOMETHING from NOTHING.

This is a perspective shifting experience that creates indelible change in the brains of participants and in the relationships between them. A team that improvises together truly bonds. They learn to listen deeply, not only to each other, but to themselves as well.  Self-awareness grows. Co-creation and collaboration happen.

After an experience of improv training, participants can be heard saying, not, “Look what I did!”  Not, “Look what we did.”  They say to each other, “Look what YOU did.  You were awesome.” True teamwork comes not through a lot of “we”, but from everyone on the team working to make each other member of the team look good.

The result of these shifts — less fear.  With less fear comes greater audacity.  With greater audacity comes greater performance.

Ready for a new kind of team building that's both effective and fun?

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