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Confident, Clear & Composed... but Still Spontaneous

If you’re in the majority who fear public speaking…  If you’re in the minority who love public speaking… We can help. Our Speech Coaching and Presentation clients include executives, innovators, politicians and others from coast to coast.

Whether in person, on the phone, or via video conference, we can support you with: clear articulation, clarifying ideas and strong writing, connecting with the material and speaking with conviction, connecting with your audience and hitting home, and delivery that’s smooth, rehearsed, and spontaneous all at once.

We humans are equipped with highly sensitive instruments for detecting inauthentic behavior in others. When we say that a speaker was stiff, or wooden.  When we say someone is trying to hard, that’s an alarm sounding in the authenticity meter. In fact, when we find a speaker boring, that’s most often a matter of inauthentic presentation as well.

With our speech coaching, you’ll overcome fear.  You can put it to good use as a motivator and energizer.  With our help, you can become completely present with your audience.  You can even enjoy the interaction.  Interaction is just what speaking is.  It’s not an interaction between you and a large number of others.  It’s an interaction between you and a number of other individuals.  We can help you make speaking a rewarding experience of effective communication.

Whether you’re delivering a planned speech or speaking off-the-cuff, we can give you the tools to be yourself.  We can help you deliver no-sweat-authenticity every time.  And we can help you be sure your message carries to your audience.

Ready to give easy, authentic presentations?

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