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Perspective, Confidence, and Insight

Executive Coaching isn’t for the failing executive.  It’s for the wise executive.  From manager to director to C-level executive, each of us thrives in a collaborative environment.  Our ideas blossom to their fullest potential only when they have the chance to echo and reverberate back and forth between multiple minds.

You’ve gotten where you are by being competent, confident, and bright.  But you’ve still got questions.  That’s where executive coaching comes in.  We don’t have answers for you (well maybe we have a few), but we ask the questions that clarify.  We don’t know the granular details of your business.  You do.  We bring an associative perspective that can change your thinking.

According to a 2013 Executive Coaching Survey, the most significant area of concern for CEO’s seeking coaching is conflict management given the large number of stakeholders with competing positions. Boards are concerned with talent development.

Our unique perspective on conflict and crisis transforms these “problems” into gifts.  Conflict and crisis both have a lot to offer any organization.  They teach us how to survive and thrive.

Improv mindset and its tools make talent development an organic, effortless part of the workplace.  In an improv culture, each member of the team naturally shares their strengths.  Each member compensates for the weaknesses of others.  Each makes their knowledge and insight contageous. An improv culture begins with the leadership.  Delegation takes planning and consideration.  Even so, in the implementing, good delegation is an improvisational art.

As coaches, we provide simple reflection and perspective. We assist leaders to find their own way, armed with the tools and mindset of Improv.  In the improv mindset, every perspective has value and seemingly intractable differences may not even conflict. We bring the improv mindset and its tools to every executive coaching relationship.  Our perspective helps super-charge your know-how.  Let us help you turn your vision and passion into an unstoppable contagion in your corporate culture.

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